Indonesia Herping



Rp 17.000.000 (2 people)

DESCRIPTION: Upon arrival in Banjarmasin’s Syamsudin Noor Airport, you will be picked up and taken to the Proboscis Monkey Rescue Center, run by Sahabat Bekantan Indonesia (SBI), our partner on Borneo. There will be a basic lodge available there with both seated and squatty toilets available. You will then be served some food, before departing to lowland forest habitat to do some night herping. After herping, the accommodation will be in the lodge.

The next morning we will explore Mt. Meratus, which is submontane to montane forest habitat, and also visit the Dayak Tribes that live there. At night we will do some herping in the area as well. Accommodation will be in a traditional Dayak Longhouse.

The next day, we will explore Bakut Island by boat, where it is good habitat for proboscis monkeys during the day, and at night we will do some herping in the mangrove habitat around the area. We will go back to the lodge to spend the night. Meals will either be home-cooked Indonesian food or street food on the way to and from locations.

On the last day, we will send you back to the airport depending on flight times.

Note: Either Mt. Meratus or Bakut Island can be exchanged to look for orangutans at a site in Central Borneo, which is quite a distance away. This will also be at an additional cost of 4 million rupiah.


Price Includes: Wildlife Guide, Translator, Driver, Transport, Food and Water, Accommodation, Permits and Entry to National Parks.

Price Excludes: Flights from Origin to Banjarmasin and back to Origin, extra snacks, souvenirs, etc.