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In 2015, the Ciliwung Reptile Center was set up, a small education center located in Bojonggede, Bogor, West Java, Indonesia. Mr. Iwan, a retired ‘angkot’ driver in Gelonggong Village offered his house to be used as our center, to educate the public on reptiles. Slowly but surely, it grew to become a small group of volunteers that regularly do educational talks to schools, villages, etc. We also remove snakes from residents’ homes, and release them far from human habitations. At the moment, we are still using Mr. Iwan’s small house, where he and his family are living, as our reptile center/ base camp. Currently aside from the display area in Mr. Iwan’s house, we have now rented an off-show unit and a guest house.

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Outreach and ducation
Outreach and ducation
Outreach and ducation
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We published a book on Snakes as an education tool
Two exhibits illustrating the differences between the harmless vine snake and the highly venomous green viper