Indonesia Herping


Being a chain of islands, the Indonesian archipelago holds great diversity of life, especially for amphibians and reptiles. Here at Indonesia Herping Tours, our experienced specialist guides will take you into the wilderness, in order to see with your own eyes the herpetofauna diversity of Indonesia in their natural habitat.

Proceeds from our tours will go towards the Ciliwung Reptile Center and its conservation efforts. We also try as much as possible to involve the local community, in order for them to see a value in protecting animals and the environment.


You can combine several packages, or request for a custom trip which will combine several different islands, or do one island for a longer or shorter period of time. For inquiries please send us an email at

Before the tour starts you will be asked to sign an Indemnity Form, which states that we are not responsible for any injuries, damage or lost items during the trip. Of course we will always do our best to ensure everyone’s safety, and to this day we are happy to say that we have not had any serious injuries or lost items, and we hope that there won’t be any.

For safety reasons, freehandling is strictly NOT ALLOWED, and handling of venomous animals will be undertaken by our experienced guides. If you wish to handle any animals, the guides will assess the situation and see if it is possible to do this safely. In certain cases this will be possible under supervision of our guides.

Photographing a Spitting Cobra (Naja sputatrix)
On a boat in Borneo
Bamboo Pit Viper (Trimeresurus albolabris)